Kyla Ruscheinski

Owner and Lead Educator

As the new Owner and Lead eEducator at Marjorey B, Kyla welcomes you to Marjorey B Cosmetics Supplies and Training Centre! Kyla is a certified medical esthetician who has worked in the Spa, Medi Spa and Wellness industry for over 12 years. A nurturer to her core, Kyla has developed her career around the care and well-being of her clientele and their skin concerns, helping them achieve next-level results and ensuring they feel their very best, inside and out. She prides herself on not only providing advanced skin and body treatments, but the education required to bring about results in luxury treatment offerings for her clients.

Founding her very first business in 2015, Kyla discovered that not only does she have a passion for helping her clientele achieve their skin and beauty goals, but she loves being able to increase their confidence and self-awareness by educating them on their skin and its well-being. This blossomed into the desire to build a business that not only would empower her clientele but other professionals in the field. When Marjorey Auvache decided to retire in the early Spring of 2021, Kyla found her opportunity to fulfill her dream.

With Marjorey B’s, Kyla is able to offer a business that not only supports other spa and medi spa businesses with high-quality products they need, but can bring them the opportunity for higher learning and education so that they can increase their service offerings and expertise. To be able to create a community of professionals and empower them with the skills to bring about success for their treatment offerings and themselves is the foundation of Kyla’s vision for Marjorey B Cosmetics Supplies and Training Center.
She thanks you for your interest in Marjorey B’s and looks forward to working with you very soon!